Surviving The Dark Past



Tale of an Abused Child

I remember my own childhood every time I see my kids happy. My kids would laugh together and make jokes to one another. As for me, it wasn’t like that. My brother and I would hide in the closet scared to the bones as we wait until our stepfather would pass out and sleep. If we’d go out before he dozed off, we’d be whipped. At times,  Lance and I slept inside that closet overnight, afraid to get out. We’d hold each other and recite the song “You are my sunshine”. That was our way of releasing tension and fear.

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Selective Mutism And Stuttering In Children



Selective Mutism and Stuttering are two of the socially disabling disorders that children can experience in their childhood years. According to Rachel Busman, PsyD, “Selective Mutism (SM) is first & foremost an anxiety disorder in which a child who is otherwise chatty or talkative can’t talk in other settings, like school or with friends.” Learning everything about these conditions can prepare you on how to deal with it especially if your child is exhibiting symptoms.

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