Why You Should Listen To Music When You’re Working


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A lot of kids, no matter what generation they belong to, always say that they wish they are already adults. In their young minds, after all, they see adulthood as the stage of life in which their parents never have to tell them what to do. They can travel anywhere, eat as many candies as they want, or not do anything at all.

The reality that most kids have no idea about is that being an adult means that you have to work to survive. It is a difficult feat even for the people who have landed their dream job and are doing what they love. That is especially true if you are in a progressive company. Everything will happen so fast; you need to be able to think on your feet. There are meetings here and there, too, and you always have to have new ideas to pitch into your bosses. In short, you cannot get a breather.

Indeed, I feel you right there. What I do when things become too hectic at work is to listen to music. Why should you do that too, you may ask?

It Lowers Stress Level


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The first reason why you should start listening to music while working is that it can lower the amount of stress you deal with every day. Scientists are yet to find out the process that makes it possible, but what’s known is that it is useful even for people who are about to go under the knife. The more the stress-inducing hormone called cortisol gets inhibited, the more your brain can produce the pleasure-inducing chemical called dopamine.

It Reduces Your Proneness To Depression

Stress and other factors can also cause depression. Say, the promotion you have been waiting for has been given to another colleague, or you found out that your better half has been lying to you all this time. Either of that, coupled with the massive pile of paperwork you have to go through, may depress you.

Nevertheless, when you listen to music, the risk of developing depression reduces. The idea has come from the fact that some individuals have undergone music therapy for three and six months, and it has a positive impact on the depressed folks. You won’t have to sign up for sessions if you begin playing songs while you’re stressing out, though.

It Allows You To Process Ideas Better


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What I do is look up instrumental music on YouTube and listen to it through my earphones. Whenever I do that, I do not get sleepy, my brain seems to function better, and I can get my work done in no time.

From what I gathered, it is happening due to the Mozart effect. It entails that your ability to think and process ideas tend to improve the more you listen to background music.

Final Thoughts

Living a life without songs to play can be a humdrum even when you are possibly unaware of the things mentioned above. Now that you know about the benefits of listening to music, though, you have more reason now than ever to do it while working.

Good luck!