Mental Health Is Precious



Depression is a serious problem that a lot of us have to deal with every day, and it is undeniable that it can be a cause of some severe health problems. Most of us think that depression is not to be treated because some of us believe it is more like loneliness, but it is much more than that. “Sometimes the stigma of mental illness gets in the way of people getting the help they need.”, according to Jessica Koblenz, PsyD.Much more than people with severe depression who could not handle it any longer commit suicide. People with severe depression feel alone and think that no one can help them.

It is hard for them to reach out and when they finally feel the loss of hope, they just end their life. It is unfortunate when you try to put yourself in their situation. Having the feeling of hopelessness and no one could help you. “There is a certain kind of thinking that fuels suicide, and for most of us it is a terribly difficult idea to sit with: Suicide is problem-solving behavior. In the mind of someone considering suicide, the act may seem like an expeditious and effective way to eliminate pain,” says Shawn T. Smith Psy.D. It is like fighting a battle in your head where you always have to figure out how to win, but you’re just trapped, and you feel continuously defeated by your mind. Nowadays, this situation is rapidly growing that even famous people, who we think could not suffer from this mental condition, do hurt emotionally. 

For those of us who don’t have depression, we may be asking:

“How hopeless could they be to end their lives?”

“Didn’t they have anyone to help them through?”



These are the questions we usually ask when we hear someone who committed suicide due to depression, but for some reason, these issues are somehow irrelevant to people who suffer from it. Of course, there was hope. Yes, they do have family and friends, but somehow, these things were never enough to fight their battles. They were defeated by their minds; something that we should never underestimate is the power of our minds. They can create great things, but they could also crash our being.

Mental health should never be taken for granted as it is imperative for our overall wellbeing. It is vital that we have someone to talk with to share our feelings and emotions. Never nurture that sense of negativity by trying to conceal the problem. Just like everything else, depression starts from something. It can be genetic, but the environment and life events play a significant role in having this kind of mental disorder.

Death, job loss, failed relationship and bullying are some of the causes of depression. It depends on our mental health if we can cope up with these situations, that’s why it is critical that we have someone by our side to remind us that we are not alone. Some of us are lucky enough to afford professional help, and it is a wise decision to take care of our mental health. It should, in fact, be one of our priority as it affects how we function as an individual.


If you suspect someone has depression, never ignore it. Try as much as you can to reach out to the person probably wouldn’t. Encourage him to seek professional help as they crucially need it. If you think you are suffering from it, never hesitate to reach out. There are a lot of people who want to help. Remember that mental health is precious. Life is precious.

“A lot of people hold fast to the old adage: if someone wants to kill themselves, they’ll find a way. But it’s not true,” says psychologist William Schmitz, Jr. He says this with certainty, especially if the person contemplating suicide is to attend even a single therapy session. With that said, let’s all be vigilant in looking after our loved ones who manifest a “challenged” mind.