Self-Care Routine To Help And Prevent Physical And Mental Ailments

Nowadays, people hustle like there’s no other time and day for them to do it again. I mean, everybody seems to forget to breathe and take some free time for themselves. According to Alyssa Adams, PsyD, “Taking care of yourself isn’t up for question. Without spending proper time to recharge, you’re setting yourself up for burnout.” Every day as I commute to work, I feel like I am among the living dead walking or running alongside with me and going to their destinations like robots in command. Somehow, I am still not operating in this state-like manner (Oh dear, I pray not to become one!). 


Self-care is essential to maintain physical and mental well-being. If your body is always bombarded with all sorts of stress, the effects can be detrimental in the end. With the concept of wear and tear, our body and mind can experience exhaustion, and when that happens, physical and mental ailments occur. 

At this juncture, allow me to share the self-care routine that somehow has given me significant benefits in maintaining my sanity.  

Prepare Your Day The Night Before 

I always have my ever-dependable planner cum journal with me. Before I hit the sheets, I still make sure that I have outlined the things that I wish to accomplish the next day. This will give you a sense of direction before starting your work. You will find this as a time-saving technique because you already know what to tackle first and the following tasks for the entire day.  

Wake-up An Hour Ahead  

I am not a glam girl. I can shower, dress, and put on my makeup 30 minutes tops. But waking up early than your usual time allows more free time to have your coffee, prepare breakfast, and even do 15-minute exercise. Early morning rituals are essential as they spark off the brain’s active mode and setting the whole body to what’s going to transpire the entire day. 



I love scents! Especially lavender and ocean breeze. In my apartment, I have a time-regulated vaporizer that emits lavender scents. Going home to this scented living space provides a calming and soothing experience. According to John Preston, PsyD, “Aromatherapy can help you to de-stress. Chamomile is known for calming the stomach and mind, as are the scents of lavender and ylang ylang.”

Read A Book  

I recommend reading a physical book instead of eBooks or any digital print available. Holding and turning the pages of the book will detach you from the digital world and making your mind wander to another world full of adventure. Plus, it boosts your brain cells and will give you more perspective on your next undertakings. 

Spa, Massage, And Other Physical Manipulations 

Our body tends to accumulate lactic acid within the muscles thus producing stiff neck, shoulder and back pains, and all types of body aches. This is a result of too much stress from all our daily encounters. The best way to solve this problem is by having a gentle body massage or going to a spa for a steam bath and indulge in many varieties of physical manipulations. Our word – totally relaxing and exhilarating! According to Stephen L. Salter, PsyD, “The benefit of massage on mental health is not a surprise if we think about the connection between the mind and body.”

Have A Break With Nature 

The urban jungle will sometimes distort our senses and gives us a sense of gloomy state. With all the pollution around, the smorgasbord of noises, and mobs of people surrounding you every day, this can be a tiring scenario to face. Travel somewhere else where nature is at its best. A trail hike or lounging on the beach can reset your buttons and appreciate more about life and its sceneries. 

Write Down Your Thought And Experiences 


Psychologists have affirmed the positive effects of keeping a journal. You can record what transpired during the day highlighting the ups and downs, your little achievements, setbacks and many more. Some like to document their life activities by posting on Facebook or Instagram stories. Social media have its fair share of recording your life. However, it’s not comparable to writing and keeping it within the pages of a journal.