Mental Health Treatments

It is difficult to bring up treatment options for mental health in the family, especially when you are suffering inside.

Why do such psychological illnesses and remedies exist?

Let’s talk about treatment for mental health and behavioral health.

Mental Health: Mental Health treatments


Understanding The Mental Wellness Therapy Better

Speaking of mental health conditions, “This is ludicrous! Why is that quack doctor recommending exposure therapy for my healthy grandson? Is little Mikey mentally crazy?”

My mother-in-law said treating me so coldly in our heated conversation when I brought up mental health.

She always treated me terribly and put me down heavily and even if my husband said that his mother likes me, I know deep in my heart that she doesn’t see and want to treat me as her daughter.

But this time, I had to stand up to how she was treating me because my son showed symptoms of ADHD, and I knew that it could cause depression in healthy children.

I heard depression in children and adults is common, after all.

When mental depression in children is detected, parents may have it, too.

Depression in healthy children can be caused by bipolar disorder, ADHD, and other mental health conditions.

Read on to learn more about mental health in children and possible mental health services and coping skills for depression.

“It’s important to have friends to talk to, but a therapist is trained to understand these matters more deeply and therefore is able to offer more than just good advice.” says  Ari Tuckman, PsyD.

Achieve An Overall Wellness

Going back to the story, we are not rich like them to seek treatment and afford dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, electroconvulsive therapy, brain stimulation therapy, and family or group therapy, nor did our family know a lot of powerful people in politics and primary care provider in the industry.

I’m just looking at my mother-in-law with a smile on my face because I know, one day, she will mentally realize my worth.

Mental Health Struggle Treatment

Mental Health Professional Questions Are Not Just For Depressed People

“Mother, your grandson has ASD with warning signs of ADHD. ASD means Autism Spectrum Disorder. ADHD means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

These are behavioral issues and not mental stability problems.

Mikey is not mentally unstable. As for our family, no – we don’t have any history of psychological or mental challenges.

We also don’t have a history of mental or behavioral issues.” I said that with class and a smile. We don’t have a lot of support groups.


Mental Health: Treating Depression

“Mom, isn’t Uncle Danny bipolar?” And my husband helped me out.

“He is not bipolar!!! He is depressed because his first love dumped him and is still in recovery.” His mother hastily said.

“Even after 15 years, mom? Seriously?” Replied my husband.

“Yes!” Oh, the old woman was stubborn.

“Mom, I love you – but if you ever belittle my wife again, I won’t show myself and my son to you. Nothing is wrong with Rita’s blood. The problem is with our blood. I just recently discovered that I have ADHD and that’s one of the main possible reasons why little Mikey has it.” My husband revealed to his mother.

“You don’t have ADHD, you’re not mentally crazy darling. It’s just that you were a physical boy. You love sports and you want to be playing all the time. Look where it got you. You’re a professional ballplayer.” She said.

“Exactly, mom. Good thing, I am a professional athlete and my ADHD was put to good use. What if it wasn’t? Rita has supported me all the way and this is not her fault. So, please. She is just telling you that our son has a disorder and that we are pushing through with mental health therapy.” My husband concluded.

“I’m just telling you darling that we don’t have the “crazy” genes.” The old woman replied. I tried to control my chuckle.

“ADHD is not “crazy”, mother. And yes – we have crazy genes. Look at your brother! There’s drool coming out of his mouth, at times. Enough of this. We’re just here to inform you of Mikey and that’s that.” He stood up and left the room.

“Mother, Michael, and I together with little Mikey will be having a family treatment session once a week. Maybe, you’d like to join us so that we can all improve Michael and Mikey with their unusual behaviors. The brain stimulation psychotherapy specialist said we can manage symptoms and people can cope with them. It would make all of us happy if you join us.” I told her with a reassuring smile on my face.

“But I’m not crazy.” She said.

Mental Health: ADHD Treatment

I said, “Ok, mom. We have to go. Michael’s honking. I hope you’ve changed your mind. We’d love to have you there with us, as a family.”

We all left her house and Michael was still very pissed with how his mom treated us. When we got home, my phone rang and it was my mother-in-law calling.


“Rita, I’d like to talk to that therapist about needing mental health therapy and give her a piece of my mind. Michael doesn’t have ADHD and little Mikey doesn’t have that ADHD too. Hmmmm…. What’s ADHD again?” She said.

Accepting Mental Health Problem In Children

“Ok, mom. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday at 2 PM here in our home.” I said.

At least, she wanted to join our mental health therapy session as one of my support group. Hoping the mental health therapy expert can healthily enlighten her so that she’d stop saying that only “crazy” people need other brain stimulation therapies.

And yes, she needs to learn about psychological wellness conditions such as ASD and ADHD that affect mental health and may cause a mental health disorder.

Online therapy or talk therapy allows a mental health professional or a group of mental health professionals to assist you with learning more about mental stability (i.e., treat anxiety disorders, treat depression, or another mental health condition), mental health problems (e.g., psychotic disorders, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder), and psychological therapy to be mentally healthy.

Treating Mental Health Conclusion

“Some people believe that therapists push their ideas and agendas on their clients. However, a good clinician helps you re-discover or regain your voice, not lose it,” says Amy Pershing, LMSW.


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