Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Intellectual Property Rights

All content on the website such as audio, text, graphics, skins, icons, and the trademark logos are owned and licensed by the company. By using these, the user agrees not to circumvent, disable, or otherwise obstruct security-related features of the website. The company strictly prohibits the use of any of its content without written permission. The user shall also agree to attribute the company as the content creator of any content acquired.


No Unlawful Use of Content

As a condition of the user’s consumption of the company’s content, the antecedent shall warrant all information derived therefrom are used lawfully. The user shall not decompile, reverse engineer, or otherwise modify the music or other content in such a way it would appear as if it was a different file.



The user shall compensate the company, its affiliates, employees, and shareholders, for any claims or damages attributable to the following: (a) user’s reliance on the company website or any third party that relies on products from the site, (b) user’s failure to conform to any of these terms, and (c) any claim resulting from any data.


Compliance with Laws

The user agrees to comply with all related applicable laws when it comes to using obtained from the company website.


Agreement to the Terms

The user acknowledges that the terms of use have been read and understood, and by that using music from the website, the user agrees to these Terms of Use. The user further consents these terms are the complete and exclusive statement Terms of Use between the company and the user.


These terms shall fall under the government of Oregon law except as to copyright matters which are already covered by Federal law.